Photography by Vickie: Blog en-us (C) Photography by Vickie (Photography by Vickie) Mon, 14 Nov 2016 04:37:00 GMT Mon, 14 Nov 2016 04:37:00 GMT Photography by Vickie: Blog 120 89 Chey Senior Pics We had an absolutely gorgeous day for Cheyenne's Senior Pics! We couldn't have asked for anything nicer! We started out at the church Cheyenne attends because it's a very important part of her life, and rightly so! It's so rewarding to see young people who are in love with the Lord and not ashamed about it!

We then headed to downtown Champaign where we could spend the rest of the afternoon. There was so many places tucked all around it was really fun just walking around and setting up for the next shot!  It was truly a great afternoon of laughing and enjoying every minute of the process.  I hope she enjoyed and remembers her Senior Portrait Session for many years to come!


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Zoey Birthday Pics Zoey has never forgotten the first time she came to my house for pictures! There's hardly a church service that goes by that she doesn't come up to me and say something about her getting pictures taken. What a memory!!  It's the cutest thing ever! One particular Sunday morning she came to and told me that "her Birthday was coming up tomorrow!" I went straight to her Mom and said, "By all means, we must take a few pics!"  And so we did! Zoey loves her little Elsa doll and loves playing Mommy....As you can clearly see, we got some adorable pics!   Love you Zoey!

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Pearman's Fall Family Pics Fall. The most wonderful time of the year! At least to me it is....and probably the most favorite time of year for updated family pics! For us, it was a rather warm day for Fall, but it was gorgeous day! The colors of the trees were amazing! I talked them into doing some pics with the truck at the end of the photoshoot...and I'm so glad they did! Probably one of my favorite shots of the day! :)

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Phil's Senior Pics Just put a guy in an old truck, send him down a dirt lane with both windows down, and his big old dog in the passenger seat and you will have one happy guy! That would be Phil. Phil loves his old truck. I must admit, this was a REALLY fun shoot! Guys can be hard to pose sometimes, and they often feel so awkward not knowing what to do....and having something like a truck for a prop -really makes it so much easier! He looks so natural in these shots, I just knew he'd love them....and he did! Score!!


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Brylee Bday Pics Sometimes kids just have their own ideas...and that's perfectly fine with me!  I told Brylee to come up with the idea she wanted for her Birthday pics and we'd recreate them...and so she did! A sure way to get and keep their attention at a shoot is to let them choose what they want! Brylee loves art! So this was absolutely fitting for her!  It was a little bit of a challenge to climb a ladder for these pics, and it hurt her eyes to look up at me but they turned out cute and were alot of fun, none the less! She really liked them and that's really all that matters!

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Coon Wedding October 15th was a very special day. Neil and Alyxis joined their hearts and their hands in marriage while gathered with friends and family! And I was honored to get to be a part of their special day! The whole day just seemed to fly by in a whirlwind of activity... what an exciting time it was! She was such a beautiful bride! Congrats again and many years of wedded bliss for you both!

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Kenna PreK School Pics PreK is a big deal for this little girl! Well, maybe not so much the PreK Stuff as the PreK School Pics! She was so excited to get her pics taken! She made my job really really easy today! She had plenty of big ole smiles to go around! Pics like this just can't help but make you smile! :)

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Addy School Pics Addy is such a cute girl! Her smile and her eyes can simply melt your heart!  She always get all excited about her school pics....maybe a little bit more than me even!  Just a few simple props, but cuteness overload!

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Avery School Pics School Pics are one of my favorite things to shoot. There really are no two alike. My goal is to tap into the child's creative side. I think it's important to make it a fun experience along with photo memories to cherish for always. Avery loves reading and art, so we decided to do a little artistic flair to her school pics. It was really fun and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it! :)

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The Wallen Family We were all out camping the week of July 4th.

The weather was absolutely beautiful.

So we decided we would try to catch some quick pics of the Wallen Family

and their newest addition, little Carter.

Carter wasn't really in the mood for pictures that day...but  I still think we 

got some rather cute ones!

Here's just a sneak peek for you.



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Mitch Proposes to Marissa What an exciting July 4th!

My niece was getting proposed to and she had no clue!

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to capture that special moment for them!

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Marissa & Mitch My niece, Marissa and her boyfriend, Mitch.

I never get tired of taking their pics...Such a cute couple!!!

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The Roberts Family A family reunion, of sorts.

Deciding to sell the family farm was not an easy decision, but a necessary one.

The siblings decided for one more rendezvous around the farm, and asked me to come

and take some photos of them doing just that.

I followed with my camera as they walked around

and talked about all the "Remember when's!"  It truly was an incredible afternoon!

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Bob & Ann Isn't this couple just the cutest?

That would be my Aunt and Uncle!

She just happened to win a "FREE" portrait Mini Session and I was excited that she did!

She just wanted a plain black background with the two of easy is that!

Great pics!  Love you guys!!


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Bethany Bethany was so fun! She's a beautiful young lady, but a big kid at heart!

Although the Fall day was a tad bit chilly you certainly can't tell it in

her pictures. Here's a few sneak peeks of our day together.

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Andrea It was a gorgeous crisp Fall day @ Forest Glen...

Andrea and I were having a great time enjoying the surroundings of the Old Pioneer Homestead

while enjoying taking her Senior Pictures. She is very photogenic which made my job really easy! 

This is a sneak peek of her photo shoot.

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Cadyn BDay When I asked my son what kind of pictures he wanted for his birthday, he shouted "Spiderman!"

What a challenge for Mom! This is what we pulled off....He was happy with the results,

and thats all that really matters!

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Tenley's First BDay Look who's turning 1!

This little girl is a ball of energy and fun!

I basically kept the camera rolling just to keep up with her busy

little feet!   Happy Birthday, Tenley!

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Playin in the Rain We were camping.

It started to rain.

Instead of being aggravated because there was nothing to do

We decided to play in the rain! 

This was more fun than I ever imagined!

It is true. Sometimes the best pictures are just random, candid shots.

I will cherish these pictures forever!

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Julie Brown

I was excited when this precious elder from our church asked me to take her pictures.

I think she told me she hadn't had her picture taken in 15 or more years! 

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